Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard: Our Go-To Spot in Long Island's Wine Country


If you're ever in the North Fork of Long Island, and you spot a couple with an outgoing French Bulldog named Dracula, that's probably Jen and me. And odds are, we're at Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyards—it's our go-to spot, our weekend retreat, and we're here to spill the grapes on why we love it so much.

Brooklyn Roots

First of all, we love that the vineyard happens to have Brooklyn roots, like us. The founder, Sam Rubin, grew up in Brooklyn in the 1930s. He fought in World War II, and after arriving back home, he parlayed some hard-earned savings into land purchases, eventually including the lot that Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard sits on today. His wife, Rhoda, was entrepreneurially involved in the inception of Weight Watchers, which certainly helped fuel the expansion of their farms.

Perfect For Friends and Family

It’s pretty much a layup to bring friends and family to Baiting Hollow Farm Vineyard. I mean, it’s a 5-minute walk down Sound Avenue from The Evermore, less than a minute to drive!

I’m a fan of the ordering protocol—you submit orders and pay through your phone, and then the staff comes by quickly with your food and drinks. Wine glasses are rarely empty, and the food hits the spot, too. When you decide to leave, you can just get up and go.

The wine is tasty (and well-rated), but they also bring in the local seasonal hard cider, Long Island Vodka (another spot worth posting about), and local craft beer.

We've witnessed some good musical talent, as well. Good vibes all around!

Pet-Friendly Perks

Dracula loves it as much as we do. He gets to hang out in the outdoor courtyard and picnic areas while we enjoy our wine. There’s enough shade for him to stay cool, and the staff is always nice enough to bring him water right away. It's a win-win.


If you’re looking for a quintessential North Fork vineyard experience, this is a good spot. But be warned: once you visit, you might just find yourself becoming a regular, just like us and Dracula.

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