The Evermore's Design: Part I


The home had us at hello, and we could not wait to work on its design.‍

The Evermore was built in 1869 with materials from the surrounding fields and forests. In fact, there are still columns of rocks and mud in the basement!

It expanded and evolved over the years, assimilating building methods and aesthetics of the eras it lived through. Much of the changes were more practical than vain. Yet, we feel it comes together into something beautiful and cohesive.

We love the layers of variation, the imperfect angles. These quirks and incongruencies pay homage to the house’s historical richness.

There were some wonderful elements to design against, like the aged reddish-brown oak floors of the living room, the fabric wallpaper of the stairwell and hallways, and the old brick fireplace rising into the vaulted ceiling of the master bedroom.

Anywhere you look, you’ll find something to be curious about. We want you to see objects from across time and geography, as the house is a product of multiple eras and was a travel waypoint throughout the late 1800’s! It's meant to feel eclectic while being clean, cozy, functional, and entertaining.

We can’t wait to share more about the house and the things within it, many of which we found at Lumber and Salt, the North Fork's antique and coffee haven. Until then, you can see some photos on our reservation page.

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